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A Coastal Craic


Beacons & Valleys


Duration: 5 Nights 


Dates: 4 - 8 June 2021


Spaces: Available

If you are after a long weekend where you can take off on a Friday morning, leaving the office grind behind you until Wednesday and indulge in 5 days of fabulous motorcycling in between, then this trip is for you!  We are incredibly fortunate to have some spectacular landscape on our doorstep here in Great Britain and Wales is definitely no exception. 

From the moment you leave the motorway, you will find yourself on one of our favourite motorcycling roads in the UK, riding up the breathtaking Wye Valley, through Tintern (where a famous scene from 'The Omen' was shot in the ruins of the old abbey) and on up through the "Golden Valley" into Wales. The beauty of the Brecon Beacons is laid out before you, full of variety with plenty of twists, turns and long sweeping curves to get the most out of your bike.

You will stay in the delightful and quaint towns of Llandeilo and Hay-on-Wye, with a night in the tiny village of Llanvihangle-Crucorney where you will dine at the famous Skirrid Mountain Inn, once the site of Judge Jefferies' court room and where he hanged over 180 unfortunate folk back in the 17th century. The pub is also believed to be the furthest point west reached by the Norman Conquest,  as well as a rallying point for the rebellion led by Owain Glyndwr against the English in the early 15th century. The rebellion failed, but the pub remains a thriving establishment with a great atmosphere and plenty of good food and fine ale!

The second part of the trip will take you into the wilds of the Elan Valley, with its expanse of remote emptiness. One of the most daring missions undertaken in the Second World War was devised and rehearsed here - the incredible story of "The Dambusters" is well known and the Nant-y-Gro damn was chosen as an ideal site to practice the techniques that enabled the so-called 'bouncing bomb' to destroy the vitally important dams in the Ruhr valley in Germany and thereby considerably shortening the war. You will also have the chance to stretch your legs and enjoy lunch whilst visiting the magical Devil's Bridge with its quaint legend and extraordinary structure. 

You will spend a day and night visiting the dramatic landscape of Snowdonia. There are some glorious roads in this part of Wales and it is well worth spending the time in this stunning part of the country.  You will stay in Betws-y-Coed, a charming village in the foothills of Snowden itself. The trip ends in a favourite pub in the village of Old Radnor, which looks over a most spectacular view into the hills and provides the perfect place to supp a pint of local ale and reflect on the day's ride... 

We leave in the morning at 9.00am and aim to be at our destination by 6.00pm in the evening.  This equates to around 6 hours in the saddle - we typically ride for an hour and a half before a 20 minute break for coffee with a 1 hour stop for lunch and another break in the afternoon. We are definitely happy to stop to admire the view and for photo opportunities along the way.

Adventure Overview

  • Trip starts from Chepstow with an amazing ride up the Wye Valley to get you in the mood

  • The Brecon Beacons are wild and packed with some fabulous biking roads and sensational views 

  • Nights will be spent in small but delightful hotels or B&Bs in picturesque villages

  • A particular favourite is the Skirrid Inn - used by Judge Jefferies in the 17th century - a great pub with an amazing history

  • The roads will be varied from small country lanes to faster sweeping A roads

  • We will ride trough the wonderful Snowdonia region​​

  • The trip ends in the border town of Knighton

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 01.40.28.png

Minimum: 3 bikes, 3 riders

Maximum: 8 bikes or 8 people if with pillions

*NB If Covid restrictions still apply

the maximum number will be 2 couples plus 1 solo rider or 5 solo riders.

Price For:


1 bike, 1 rider, 1 room

5 Nights: £1,225

1 bike, 1 couple, 1 room

5 Nights: £1,595

2 bikes, 1 couple, 1 room

5 Nights: £1,995


Prices include:

  • All accommodation 

  • Breakfast every day

  • Dinner on 1 evening with half a bottle of wine per head

  • An experienced guide throughout your stay

  • Some awesome riding!

Prices exclude:

  • Insurance - we recommend that you take out personal travel insurance before you set off

  • Any food and drink consumed along the way except as stated above

  • All fuel throughout the trip

  • Motorway tolls

  • Motorcycle rental - this can be arranged for you given sufficient notice and subject to availability

Please note that routes and trip details may change due to circumstances beyond our control.  We will inform you of this as soon as is practicable.

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