A Coastal Craic

Sardinia & Corsica

Bandit Country

Duration: 10 Days

Dates: TBA October  2022

Spaces: Available

Sardinia and Corsica are two of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.  This trip incorporates both and will give you a chance to experience these two wonderful and ancient places.  You will take the ferry from Nice to Bastia on the north eatern coast of Corsica and spend the next few days in motorcycle heaven! The coast roads feel like you could dip the tips of your fingers into the cool, sparkling water as you ride by are magical in themselves. Then you hit the mountains and enter a whole new world of bike - joy...The tarmac is mostly good here, which makes the pleasure of riding through the sweet smelling forests on winding curvaceous roads so much better.

Corsica was the birth place of Napoleon Bonaparte - the French took over the island from the Italians (in lieu of a bad debt!) only the year before he was history might have changed! Its extraordinary mountainous landscape was also the setting for the famous motor race, the 'Tour de Corse' and, more recently, some of the stages of the World Rally Championship.  Aside from the sights and sounds of high-octane motor racing, the island offers some of the best roads in Europe for two wheels and is truly a haven for motorcyclists. The mountain routes are packed with twists and turns and the views in every direction defy imagination.

You will head south round the coast and then into the hills and down the spine of the island to Bonifacio where you will catch the ferry to Santa Teresa Gallura on the northern tip of Sardinia.  The character of this island is subtly different with a more sophisticated 'Italian' nature than the relaxed French Corsica, implanted when they 'took' it from the Italians in the late 18th century.

We will ride anti - clockwise round Sardinia, stopping off along the way to take in the beauty of this sublime island.  We will visit the pretty port of Carloforte, founded in the late 18th century by Genoese coral fishermen who had occupied a group of islands off the coast of Tunisia since the 1540's.  The architecture and food on this small island are therefore heavily influenced by both Italian and moorish cultures and are curiously at odds with mainland Sardinia.

We then head up the east coast of Sardinia, back to Santa Teresa to catch the ferry again in order to cross back into Corsica and on up to the Cap Corse in the north and finally to Bastia to catch your ferry home.

If you haven't been to the islands before, Sardinia and Corsica will give you an experience of the Mediterranean that is quite different from what you may have seen before. Our route offers a wonderful mix of coast and hills, gentle bends and twisting mountain passes with plenty of opportunity to drink in the unparalleled views of crystal seas, glowing sunsets, dramatic mountains and ancient villages. One of the best - be sure to bring your swimming trunks...!

We leave in the morning at 9.00am and aim to be at our destination by 6.00pm in the evening.  This equates to around 6 hours in the saddle - we typically ride for an hour and a half before a 20 minute break for coffee with a 1 hour stop for lunch and another break in the afternoon. We are definitely happy to stop to admire the view and for photo opportunities along the way.

NB This trip is not suitable for beginners as the roads, whilst well paved, can be very twisty.

Adventure Overview

  • Take the ferry from Nice to Bastia, Corsica where we will meet you

  • The route takes us down the west coast towards Piana along some amazing coastal roads 

  • We then head into the hills to ride some sensational roads inland before taking the ferry to Sardinia from Bonifacio

  • We will ride anti - clockwise round the island hugging the coastline on the way south


  • We will take time out to visit Isola di San Pietro and the port of Carloforte

  • We will ride up the east coast heading inland  before taking the ferry across to Bonifacio again

  • We head north along the coast via the forest road and round the Cap Corse to Bastia to catch the ferry back to Nice.

Minimum: 3 bikes, 3 people

Maximum: 8 bikes or max 8 people if with pillions 


Price For:


1 bike, 1 rider, 1 room


1 bike, 1 couple, 1 room


2 bikes, 1 couple, 1 room



Prices include:

  • All accommodation  

  • Breakfast every day

  • Dinner on 1 evening with half a bottle of wine per head

  • Ferry crossings to/from Bonifacio

  • An experienced guide throughout your stay


    Some awesome riding!

Prices exclude:

  • Ferries/Channel Tunnel crossings other than as stated above

  • Insurance - we recommend that you take out personal travel insurance before you set off

  • Any food and drink consumed along the way other than as stated above

  • All fuel throughout the trip

  • Autoroute/Autostrada tolls

  • Motorcycle rental - this can be arranged for you given sufficient notice and subject to availability

Please note that routes and trip details may change due to circumstances beyond our control.  We will inform you of this as soon as is practicable.

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