An Adventure Awaits

Mad Hatter Motorcycle Adventures are about combining the joy of riding a motorcycle through some of the most exhilarating landscape on the planet with the pleasure of being amongst friends and like-minded souls.  Our tours are for relatively small groups with a maximum of 6 bikes.  We strongly believe that this creates a better experience for all and enables everybody to get to know each other in a more convivial atmosphere.  


Our trips will take you to some wonderful places that are amongst the most beautiful in the world to be experienced from the back of a motorcycle.  We aim to make our trips special by enlisting the help of local friends to find those little gems, be they roads, restaurants or places to lay one’s head for the night.  We recce every route and do our best to avoid those 'mass-market’ hotels and restaurants…

We were delighted to have two of our tours (Ireland and France) and a double page feature on our amazing Norwegian adventure in Adventure Bike Rider magazine in 2021 and now Scotland in the January 2022 edition, so we must be doing something right...!


High Roads & Low Roads...

Happily for us Brits, Europe is on our doorstep, making some of the most sensational scenery easily available to us. We will take you to some of the best bits from France, to the Pyrenees and the Norwegian Fjords. Equally, our own fair isle has some breathtaking landscape, particularly in Wales and Scotland. Southern Ireland is also a firm favourite, despite the potential for the odd drop of rain!


Further afield, we have planned trips to Australia, New Zealand and Canada, which take in some of the most extraordinary visual ‘narcotics' in the solar system; we hope to introduce these trips in the not too distant future. Scandinavia offers some seriously dramatic scenery and we have a fabulous trip to the astonishingly spectacular Norwegian fjords…The roads through the mountains and amongst the fjords are some of the best we have ever experienced...


We are constantly looking at different parts of the world to visit and we are considering a very special trip to take a group of American V - Twins to Tibet to visit George Mallory’s Base Camp at the foot of the great North Face of Everest.  This will, we believe, make our motorcycles the ‘highest’ of their kind on the planet!  They will certainly be the only American bikes to have seen the North Face of Everest, so the trip is very special and wholly unusual.  


This is an ambitious plan, but we have permission from the Chinese government to cross the border into Tibet and also to take the bikes to Base Camp itself.  These two things sound simple, but believe me, they are not and without them, we would be scuppered at the start!  Happily, we are at least part of the way…more of this to follow!


As somebody once said “the best destination is the journey…” and this is our mantra.  We aim to bring this ethos to you and to share some of the joy and fun that you and your motorcycle can have on the road.  




This is our invitation to you to join us on a Mad Hatter Motorcycle Adventure...