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A Coastal Craic

Norway - All the Way!
The Land of Trolls, Vikings & the Midnight Sun!


Duration: 4 Weeks

Dates: 1 - 30 August
(not including travel to and from Norway)

Spaces: Available


Without question, Norway has some of the best motorcycling roads in the world. This is a big statement, but there are few ways to describe this astonishing country other than in superlatives - it is indeed, truly incredible! There are few places we have ridden that provide such a complete riding experience and which will leave you breathless and wide-eyed, with a grin from ear to ear! There are the sublime, swooping curves running through the valleys, often along the water's edge of a stunning fjord, changing down a gear or two to join twisting hairpins as you climb up through the drama of the mountains to the moonscapes along the plateaus will NOT be disappointed by this spectacular country!

Norway is a real favourite of ours and we always return home enriched by the mountain air and astonishing landscape...Our trip officially begins in Kristiansand in the south (we are of course happy to guide you from Harwich up to northern Denmark on our way to catch the ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansandand the beauty of the Norwegian landscape begins almost as soon as we leave the port. We will get into the swing of this majestic land very quickly, visiting Flekke and Jossing fjords on the way to our first night's stop in the delightful coastal town of Stavanger.

We will visit the extraordinary Lysefjord with its breathtaking stretch of hairpin bends (27 in all!), winding our way up the the coastline to Bergen and on up to Kristiansund via the exquisite Atlantic Ocean Road and then on to the picturesque island of Veiholmen where we will enjoy a well earned rest for a day. If you have the energy, you will be able to take a guided tour in a kayak around some of the 5000 tiny islands that pepper this area and you may be lucky enough to catch sight of a whale feeding on the krill close to the rocky shores of this beautiful, serene part of the world. Truly a place to forget the stresses of everyday life...

Having caught our breath in Veiholmen, we continue north on our journey to Nordkapp. Our route takes us into the Arctic Circle, island hopping through Helgeland and on to the wonderful Lofoten archipelago. These magical islands are well known to be a place of extraordinary beauty and you will enjoy the many visual delights of this stunning part of the world before heading up to "the top" where you will experience the fabled 'midnight sun' as you gaze towards the North Pole, just a relative stone's throw away...

Once we have slaked our thirst on the crisp arctic air and enjoyed the sense achievement of making it "all the way", we head south again, through the dramatic and bleak tundra and back for another welcome rest day off the bikes in our island idyll of Veiholmen, where we can re-charge and enjoy some rest and good food... 

The final week of the trip takes us inland to experience all the drama of the mountain passes and sheer cliff faces that are the result of the extraordinary forces generated in the ice-age all those millennia ago.   The geology of this country is breathtaking and none more dramatic than in the climb up the infamous Trollstigen road to look back down the valley from the top.  Equally, the impossibly beautiful Dalsnibba Mountain towering above the fjord below leaves your heart pumping.  

This adventure is what motorcycles were made for. You will treasure the memories and friendships forged in this wonderful, historic land of the Vikings. You will never want to leave...


We leave in the morning at 8.30am and aim to be at our destination by 6.00pm in the evening. The days will not be excessively long - we aim to spend around 5 - 6 hours in the saddle, although this will depend on the overall speed of the group. That said, we do not ride fast, preferring instead to soak up the scenery and the incredible landscape that will surround us. There will be plenty of opportunities to stop, take photographs (a must!) and simply to stare at the view! 

Adventure Overview

  • The trip starts from the southern Norwegian city of Kristiansand.

  • If travelling from the UK, you will need to take the ferry from Harwich to Hoek van Holland.

  • We recommend you allow 1-2 full day's travel either at end of the trip if travelling from the UK.

  • You will experience the incredible roads through the spectacular Norwegian landscape from fjords to mountain passes.

  • Nights will be spent in good quality hotels or B&Bs along the way.

  • You will enjoy a well earned rest day on the picturesque fishing island of Veiholmen, north of Kristiansund.

  • The pace will not be quick as you will want to feast your eyes and enjoy the views to the full!

  • After the day off you will head north to the Arctic Circle and then on to the Lofoten Islands before heading up to Nordkapp.

  • A second day off in Veiholmen will mark the half way point.

  • You will then continue south via the famous Trollstigen pass and the mighty Dalsnibba Mountain to marvel at the breathtaking views

  • Trip ends in Kristiansand, and the return trip via Denmark and Germany to Holland to catch the return ferry to Harwich.

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 09.27.47.png

Minimum: 3 bikes

Maximum: 5 bikes 


Price For:


1 rider, 1 room


1 rider, 1 pillion, 1 room


2 riders, 1 room

£7,985 per person


Prices include:

  • All ferry crossings within Norway for the duration of the trip

  • All accommodation 

  • Breakfast every day

  • Dinner on 2 evenings

  • An experienced guide throughout your stay

  • Some awesome riding!

Prices exclude:

  • Insurance - we recommend that you take out personal travel insurance before you set off

  • Ferry crossings to and from the UK and Norway

  • Any food and drink consumed along the way except as stated above

  • All fuel throughout the trip

  • Motorway tolls

Please note that routes and trip details may change due to circumstances beyond our control.  We will inform you of this as soon as is practicable.

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