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Mad Hatter Motorcycle Adventures are about combining the joy of riding a motorcycle through some of the most exhilarating landscape on the planet with the pleasure of being amongst friends and like-minded souls.  Our tours are for relatively small groups with a maximum of 8 people, be they riders or pillions.  We strongly believe that this creates a better experience for all and enables everybody to get to know each other in a more convivial atmosphere.  


Our trips will take you to some wonderful places that are amongst the most beautiful in the world to be experienced from the back of a motorcycle.  We aim to make our trips special by enlisting the help of local friends to find those little gems, be they roads, restaurants or places to lay one’s head for the night.  We recce every route and do our best to avoid those 'mass-market’ hotels and restaurants…

We were delighted to have two of our adventures (France and Norway) included in the first 2020 edition of Adventure Bike Rider magazine, so we must be doing something right...!


Beacons and Valleys

Adventure Bike Trip

Wales offers a rich variety of stunning landscape, from the Brecon Beacons to the glorious Elan Valley and the roads you will ride are an exhilarating mix in the wilds of nowhere. You will visit some wonderful places from Tintern Abbey (remember 'The Omen'…?) and even a famous old pub where Judge Jefferies hanged 186 people in the C.17th - sounds grim, but it is a great place to spend an evening! The roads offer a mix of long sweepers and winding single tracks through the hills - you can be sure of some spectacular views along the way...Britain at its best!


Duration: 4 Nights. 

Mileage: Approx 960 km/600 miles 

Price: From £975

Dates: 17 - 21 April 2020

Minimum: 3 Riders



A Coastal Craic

This trip is a real favourite - it takes in the amazing south coast of the Emerald Isle with its stunning landscapes and near-empty roads. We will take you down ‘roads less travelled’, across mountain passes, round the famous Ring of Kerry and down the Dingle peninsula amongst a myriad of magnificent, wild Irish places.


You will enjoy dramatic views, lighthouses, harbours and quaint seaside villages full of heritage and history. Naturally there maybe time to sample some of Mr. Arthur Guinness' famous elixir... 


Duration: 6 Days (Can be extended to 7 Days if you wish to include Snowdonia)

Mileage: Approx 1,000 km/621 miles (1,600km/1,000 miles incl. Snowdonia)

Price: From £1,295

Dates: 16 - 21 May 2020

         23 - 28 May 2020

Minimum: 3 Riders


South Western France

La Vie Exaltante

Do you have a better half who would just love to come with you on your latest bike trip..were it not for the prospect of sitting on the back...for a week...while you have all the fun up front? Well, this may be just what you’re looking for!


This trip is based at our lovely old farmhouse in south western France and will enable your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend to come with you and enjoy a wonderful week of relaxation, visiting local villages or simply chilling by the pool while you head off on your bike into the stunning local area for the day. Each evening you will return to the house for a home cooked dinner under the stars. Of course, your other half is welcome to join the day’s trip on the back of your bike…that way, everyone is happy! 


Duration: 1 week

Maximum numbers: 4 couples (there are 4 double bedrooms so 8 bikes in total!) 

Mileage: Approx 1,900 km/1,200 miles

Price: From £1,450

Dates: 6 - 13 June 2020

Minimum: 2 Riders 


South Western France -

Swagger & Jacks


We are delighted to offer this Adventure as part of our collaboration with our friends at the very excellent gentleman's grooming establishment, Swagger & Jacks!  Possibly the coolest place in the world to get your whiskers trimmed or your barnet shaped - if Carlsberg made barbershops...


This trip is based at our gorgeous medieval farmhouse in the sublime south west of France, heading out on different routes each day, returning in the evening in time for a swim and a glass of something cold and wet and a sumptuous home cooked dinner.  You will head down some wonderful roads, including the drama of the Tarn Gorge, with some fabulous castles and medieval villages along the way. 


Duration: 1 week

Maximum numbers: 4 couples (there are 4 double bedrooms!) 

Mileage: Approx 1,900 km/1,200 miles

Price: From £1,450

Dates: 13 - 20 June 2020           

Minimum: 4 Riders (friends of Swagger & Jacks)


South Western France -

The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club 


We are delighted to offer this Adventure as part of our collaboration with our friends at the excellent and exceedingly cool motorcycling establishment, The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club of London and Los Angeles! 


All six nights bar one are spent 'glamping' in well appointed teepee style tents at our beautiful house and each day there will be a ride to a different part of the region, be it the magnificent Gorges du Tarn or the delightful ancient villages around the area. You will return each evening in time for a swim, a cold beer and a sumptuous, home-cooked dinner. One night is spent out in a hotel in the hills in order to give enough time to fully experience the breathtaking landscape of the Cevénnes region. There will be a day off to laze by the pool or to enjoy a long lunch in a nearby village.


Duration: 6 nights

Maximum numbers: 10 people, riders or pillions (sharing 2 per tent)

Mileage: Approx 1,900 km/1,200 miles

Price: From £1,200 (special Bike Shed Members rate)

Dates: 21 - 27 June 2020           

Minimum: 10 people be they riders or pillions 

BSMC Members only



Glorious Gorges

We had such huge grins on our faces the whole time we were in this spectacular part of the world that we just had to incorporate a trip to the Pyrenees into our list of Adventures. These roads are truly inspirational and the tiny villages perched high in the mountains are a delight to break the journey for a quick coffee or for a delicious local lunch. A trip of a lifetime with such breathtaking views and just a stone’s throw or two from our shores...


Duration: 1 week

Mileage: Approx 1,500 km/950 miles

Price: From £1,895

Dates: 11 - 18 July 2020

Minimum: 3 Riders


The Norwegian Fjords

The Land of Trolls and Vikings


The landscape surrounding the Norwegian fjords is astonishing. The roads are amongst the best we have ever experienced and the variety of scenery from serene fjords to majestic mountain passes is breathtaking. This land of trolls and vikings will leave you wide-eyed and you will experience some of the best motorcycling roads imaginable.  This is an adventure not to be missed.

Duration: 2 weeks 

Mileage: Approx 4,500 km/1,860 miles

Price: From £4,995

Dates: 8 - 22 August 2020

Minimum: 4 riders

Spaces Available

Scotland -

Post COVID Relief Run!


Fed up with lockdown? Frustrated at having missed out on all those wonderful sunny days and all that perfect riding weather?

This trip is for when lockdown eases and we see a return to normality and will get the blood coursing through the veins as you head north through some of the most beautiful country in the British Isles...


In order to get people back on their bikes with something to look forward to, we have designed a trip that will take you to some of the most stunning parts of the United Kingdom, through the Yorkshire Moors, the Northumbrian forest and into the glories of the Scottish Highlands, continuing round the fabulous west coast and back down through the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District, with the final night in the Cotswolds. 


Duration: 9 nights

Maximum numbers: 11 bikes 

Mileage: Approx 3,600 km/2,300 miles

Price: From £1,600

Dates: 17 - 25 September          

Minimum: 5 riders

Spaces Available


We are completely happy to design and build an Adventure tailored to your requirements.  We will arrange as much or as little of the trip as you wish, from a turnkey and fully booked plan to just a route with suggested stops.  The trip can be fully guided or we are equally happy to provide a complete itinerary with GPX files for your satnav.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Happily for us Brits, Europe is on our doorstep, making some of the most sensational scenery easily available to us. We will take you to some of the best bits from Sardinia and Corsica, to the Pyrenees and the Norwegian Fjords. Equally, our own fair isle has some breathtaking landscape, particularly in Wales and Scotland. Southern Ireland is also a firm favourite, despite the potential for the odd drop of rain!


Further afield, we have trips to Australia, New Zealand and Canada, which take in some of the most extraordinary visual ‘narcotics' in the solar system; Scandinavia also offers some seriously dramatic scenery and we have introduced a new a trip for 2020 to the astonishingly spectacular Norwegian fjords…The roads through the mountains and amongst the fjords are some of the best we have ever experienced...


We are constantly looking at different parts of the world to visit and we are considering a very special trip to take a group of American V - Twins to Tibet to visit George Mallory’s Base Camp at the foot of the great North Face of Everest.  This will, we believe, make our motorcycles the ‘highest’ of their kind on the planet!  They will certainly be the only American bikes to have seen the North Face of Everest, so the trip is very special and wholly unusual.  


This is an ambitious plan, but we have permission from the Chinese government to cross the border into Tibet and also to take the bikes to Base Camp itself.  These two things sound simple, but believe me, they are not and without them, we would be scuppered at the start!  Happily, we are at least part of the way…more of this to follow!


As somebody once said “the best destination is the journey…” and this is our mantra.  We aim to bring this ethos to you and to share some of the joy and fun that you and your motorcycle can have on the road.  




This is our invitation to you to join us on a Mad Hatter Motorcycle Adventure...


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